OMAKASE Investment Club is an early stage venture capital fund investing in startups within the Food & Beverage sector. The fund invests in three categories within the sector:

Restaurants, QSR & Physical Outlets


Food Tech & Ancillary Services

Having operated brands in several consumer markets and having engaged with the best investors and experts in London, New York and LA, the OMAKASE founders have built a healthy strong network to identify high growth opportunities with strong management teams raising funds for their startups exclusively. Through our network of entrepreneurs, venture capital funds, accelerators, and business counterparts we have gained access to exclusive deal flow, allowing us to see promising companies and invest in the top percentile of opportunities.

The Fund investors are made up of a coalition of like minded next generation business leaders from the MENA region with an appetite for venture investing. This coalition of members positions OMAKASE with a unique advantage to entrepreneurs raising funds, ensuring strategic value and access to the MENA markets for expansionary growth. We can help with the following:

Access to

Reduce Barriers




OMAKASE is a Japanese phrase that means "I'll leave it to you”, This phrase is traditionally used with Japanese chefs honouring their experience and appreciating their good taste, by allowing them to determine the dishes to be served with full discretion.

In our case the chef is the entrepreneur and the phrase OMAKASE is a key symbol for the club as we are looking to put faith in astonishing entrepreneurs with capable management teams that have built unique F&B brands with high growth potential, and are relevant to this century’s requirement. Once we have invested in your startup, We Leave It To You!


OMAKASE’s Team have made investments in several early stage F&B companies operating in US, UK and MENA markets, with key success stories under their belt


Managing Member
Managing Director at AMK Investment Office, Executive Consultant at Al Arabia Cinema, Advisor at Renaissance Cinemas Egypt. Previously Wealth Management at Coutts


Managing Member
Executive in Private Equity (MENA & ASIA). Previously Management Consultant at Booz Allen


Principal at AMK Investment Office, 10+ Experience in Investment and Private Banking at Coutts


Financial Controller
Over 30+ Years of Industry Experience. Formerly CFO of Four Winters Global, CFO of Al Arabia Cinema, and AMK Continental Hotels Co


Associate Head of Business Development
Director and Partner at MK Taylor Property and Associate Head of Business Development at AMK Investment Office. Previously Sales and Marketing at Orascom Development Holding


Adib Ghawi

Self-Employed Operator. Former Co-Founder and MENA Lead of Bakery. vc. Previously a Private Equity and Debt Professional at The Abraaj Group. BSc in Industrial Engineering and Economics from Columbia University

Ahmed El Sewedy

Board Member at El Sewedy Electric. Currently COO at El Sewedy Industries (El Sewedy Electric Sister company) overlooking four companies: Arab Steel Fabrication, Egyptian Manufacturing & Advanced Systems, EgyLux, and El Sewedy Lamps. In charge of Business Development which includes both Export & Marketing for the group . Executive MBA from Harvard Business School. BSc in International Management from SOAS University

Danny Said

Board Member and Shareholder at Dublin International Petroleum (An E&P company), Transmed Energy (Offshore Construction and Engineering company). Business Development Director of both companies. BSc in International Management from SOAS University

Elia G. Nuqul

Board Member at Nuqul Group and Fine Hygienic Holding , serving as Business Development Director. Background in Engineering and Management Consulting. BSc in Industrial Engineering from Purdue University

Ghazi Bin Shaker

Managing Director at family investment office with interests in Real Estate, Trading and Investment. Major Shareholder at FOCUS Brands in Jordan. Former Private Equity experience at The Abraaj Group. BA in International Finance from American University of Washington

Mohamed Al-Mailam

Business Development Manager at Al Mailam Group. Co-Founder at The Burrow Gyms. Previously Analyst at Public Institution for Social Security. BSc in Industrial Engineering and Minor in Economics from Purdue University

Mohamed Hasan Tatanaki

CEO of TBICC LTD and CEO of MHT Construction (EGY). Partner and COO of Tatanaki & Sons Construction Corporation. BSc in International Management from SOAS University

Mohammed Zarroug

Founder and Director of Unitas Client Advisory in Dubai, UAE. Private Equity and Venture Capital Investor. BA in Economics from George Washington University

Omar Alkhawaja

Managing Member
Shareholder & Managing Director at AMK Investment Office, a family office. Advisory Board Member at Renaissance Cinemas Egypt. Executive Consultant at Al Arabia Cinema. Former Major Shareholder & Chairman at Four Winters Global. Former CEO and Major Shareholder at Roznama Media Group of Companies Egypt. Previously Wealth Management at Coutts & Co Bank in London. MSc in Real Estate from Cass Business School and BSc in Business Management from Kings College London University

Tarek Torgoman

Director of Business Development and Board Member of Sericom JSC. Head of Strategy and Product Development at GoldNet Trading. Previously Investment Banking at Beltone Financial. 14+ years of investment experience in public & private markets. BSc in Finance from Pepperdine University

Zeid Zabian

Managing Member
Executive in Private Equity (MENA & ASIA). Advisory Board Member at AMK Investment Office. Millennial Advisory Board Member at Fine Hygienic Holding . Formerly CEO & Co Founder at Four Winters Global (an F&B brand). Previously Management Consultant at Booz Allen. BSc in Industrial Engineering, and Minor in Economics from Purdue University

Portfolio Companies


We invest in early stage start ups with strong management teams, strong operational foundations, and most of all with iconic founders leading the journey.

Notable investments within our portfolio include:

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